The Story of Saint Ambrose Episcopal Church

Saint Ambrose members come from Boulder, Louisville, Lafayette, Superior, Longmont, Erie, Arvada, as well as other cities in the area.

Saint Ambrose was started as a mission of St. John’s, Boulder, in 1967.  The goals of the original congregation included spending as much money outside of the congregation as inside and experimenting with the liturgy. Another goal was to focus on spiritual growth.  Communion services were held in homes during the week while the building was being constructed.  On Sunday mornings, parishioners gathered first in a warehouse, then in an elementary school for Morning Prayer. As the congregation grew, services were then held at St. Walburga’s, the Benedictine Abbey across the street from the property.

The ground breaking of the church included people from the diocese of Colorado as well as our neighbors at the time, the sisters from the Abbey of St. Walburga.

The building was completed, and the first service was held in March of 1968.  In 1983, the congregation hired its first full time priest, and began growing.  So much so that a parish hall was added in 1987, and a new narthex and classroom wing were added in 1998.


Joining Saint Ambrose

A person becomes a member of the Episcopal Church through the sacrament of Baptism.  A sacrament is understood to be an “outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace.”  Thus, through Baptism, a person becomes a full member of the community. Baptism marks the communal moment when we acknowledge together that God is working within a person spiritually, and that a person has taken his or her place among the communion of saints on earth.  
Baptized Christians from other denominations become members of the Episcopal Church upon confirmation or reception.  Full preparation for baptism or confirmation is arranged with the clergy.  Families of infants and young children will meet with the clergy to discuss the meaning of baptism and their responsibility as Christians, godparents and congregational sponsors.  Adults, older children, and youth who are interested in preparing for baptism are individually mentored by clergy and congregational sponsors in a year-round program.

Confirmation is the rite in which a Christian makes a statement of faith and responsibility in the church.  Saint Ambrose provides classes for youth and adults who wish to take this important step. Youth who desire to make an informed choice about being confirmed are mentored by clergy and other adults prior to general confirmations by the Bishop.  Reception is a rite in which a Roman Catholic, Orthodox Christian or Lutheran is received into the Episcopal Church.

Membership at Saint Ambrose involves two additional commitments. First, a person participates regularly in the worship, study, fellowship and service of our parish community, and second, he or she makes a pledge of financial support to our congregation and its mission. When one meets these requirements, he or she becomes a full voting member. Not everyone in church on a Sunday is a parishioner. Seekers, sojourners, and inquirers are most welcome and enrich our worship and common life.