Want to get involved?

Below is a list many of the things going on at St. Ambrose. New groups are often added, and some groups may change or go away over time, so please check our current events & announcements, our newsletters, or give us a call at (303) 499-3041, or email office@saintambrousechurch.org to check the current status of any group, and to get in contact with the leader of the group.

If you’re in charge of any of these groups and would like to provide additional information, see anything missing, or would like to take the group down, let us know!


Our acolytes assist the priest at the altar during our worship services. Both adults and children are welcome to volunteer to be an acolyte.

Adult spiritual formation

Our adult spiritual formation program meets for classes, retreats, and workshops.

altar guild

See our Altar Guild page for more information.

baptism & confirmation

We have baptisms and confirmations for those who are interested.


During the summer a group of our members get together for a weekly barbecue on the patio of our Barcelona House. It’s a great chance to meet new people, and visit with friends.


A few of our members volunteer to take care of our beehives. We can always use more help if you’re interested.

bible study groups

Occasionally groups are formed to do bible studies together.

Birdhouse project

We recently had an old fence get blown down on the property, and our men’s group took the wood and built birdhouse kits to build as crafts for different community events.

boulder shelter for the Homeless

See our Boulder Homeless Shelter outreach page.

chalice ministers

Our chalice ministry team is responsible for administering the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ for Holy Communion. Some training is required, but we are always happy to have new volunteers.


We sing more traditional hymns at our 8:00 am service, and more contemporary worship music for the 10:30 am service. We love to get new musicians and singers involved!

(no Rehearsal) christmas pageant

We hold our famous “No Rehearsal Christmas Pageant” every year before Christmas. The kids love it, and it’s fun for the adults to watch too!

coffee hosts

Each week, a generous volunteer prepares coffee and treats for our coffee hour after church.


We can always use extra hands to help out with church communications. This includes the sunday bulletin, our What’s the Buzz newsletters, prayer requests, this website, and more!

dinner groups

The church occasionally organizes dinner groups with families and individuals in the congregation. It’s a great chance to get to know our fellow church-goers.

finances, pledging and stewardship

Strong stewardship allows the church to do great things, and work with confidence.

garden focus groups

A group of Ambrosians who faithfully keep our gardens looking beautiful, and who plant and harvest a variety of fruits and veggies.

godly play

Godly Play is our children’s ministry for grades K-5.

golden shopping cart

We support two local food banks by collecting food donations in an actual golden shopping cart in the narthex. Donations can be made at any time.

greeters and ushers

Greeters welcome our members and visitors at the door. Ushers assist with the flow of worship during the service.

helping hearts & hands

Helping Hearts & Hands is a group of faithful Ambrosians who care for those who need a little help or support, such as house visits, rides, meals, etc.

holy folders

Holy folders is a lively group who folds our weekly bulletins.

kitchen helpers

Our kitchen helpers help out with any of our events that involve food, like meetings, baptisms, funerals, community celebrations, potlucks, etc.

lay eucharistic visitors

Trained lay people who take communion to sick or shut-in members

lectio divina

Lectio Divina is a powerful and ancient method for reading scripture. This group meets periodically on Sundays to study together.


Our lectors read the bible lessons and lead the prayers of the people in our worship services.

Lenten classes

During the season of Lent, we hold various classes.

membership committee

Our membership committee focuses on the overall growth of Saint Ambrose, and works to deepen our connections with our neighbors.

men’s fellowship and prayer breakfast

Our men’s group meets once a month for breakfast and fellowship.

middle school class

Our Sunday school program for our middle-schoolers.

mission and service trips

We’ve been doing a yearly mission trip to the Remar orphanage in El Salvador, and do other occasionally mission trips to other destinations, like Rocky Mountain National Park, and others.


We have a safe and fun nursery for our preschool and younger crowd. We love to have any our our younger adults help out!

outreach committee

Facilitates various outreach programs and supports other charities through Second Sunday Offerings.

pastoral care

Having surgery? Family crisis? Just want a visit? We would be happy to come visit and pray with you.


We have piano music at both of our services. Let us know if you are interested in getting involved with any of our music teams.

porch visitors

Our porch visitors hand-deliver a loaf of homemade bread to visitors who sign the guest book as a welcoming gesture.

prayer chain

Pray and/or ask for prayers

Small groups

We have many small groups going on at various times at Saint Ambrose. Reach out to see what’s going on now, and if it’s something you’d be interested in exploring.

special events

We often host special events at the church, including our annual Women’s Tea, music concerts, etc.

summer saturday service

During the summer we have a once-a-month Saturday evening service, just for a change of pace. Check current events & announcements for official plans.


Serve at the altar for special celebrations, and help the clergy oversee Lay Ministries on Sunday morning.


The vestry is the elected board of directors of Saint Ambrose. Provide leadership and vision, as they work closely with clergy and other staff members. If you have ideas for how to better the church, let us know!

web site

Help with content and design of our website. It’s super easy and fun!

women’s book group

A group of women from the church who meet once a month to discuss a book and enjoy a meal together.

work days and lawnmowers

We have occasional church work days to maintain our grounds, and we have a few faithful and hard-working members who do more frequent care and maintenance of the outside areas of the church.