Good News from St. Ambrose

GOOD NEWS - Updates from St. Ambrose

“Happy is everyone who fears the Lord, who walks in his ways.
    You shall eat the fruit of the labor of your hands; you shall be happy, and it shall         go well with you.”   - Psalm 128:1-2

It is getting hot in Colorado.  Summer is in full-bloom.  Children are out of school.  People are going to the pool, taking a hike, or having a picnic.  They are going on trips or watching their favorite baseball team.  Church attendance is spotty at best (except for those churches that are in tourist towns), because people are out and about.

And I have good news to share.  Are you ready?

In June, 12 people from St. Ambrose - members and friends - went on another mission trip to the REMAR orphanage and school in La Libertad, El Salvador.  There was illness.  There were injuries.  But a lot of great work was done.  Cross-cultural friendships were strengthened.  Before we left, there was talk of returning.  Magnifico!

The Vestry (church board) of St. Ambrose, after months of parish-wide discernment, voted to offer same-sex marriage at St. Ambrose, and Bishop O’Neill has now given us permission to offer this sacrament to those in committed relationships who seek it.  And... I was recently able to have a small role in a wedding of close friends in Port Angeles, Washington - Kathy Carsey and Janet Coles.  Kat and Janet had been together for 23 years before they were married last Sunday!

Amy Lythgoe was ordained to the priesthood on June 10.  By my count, this is now the 14th Ambrosian to be called to holy orders and ordained - 12 priests and two deacons!  I believe all but one of these ordinations has happened since 1991.  Many of these folks still serve faithfully in the Diocese of Colorado.

The woman who cleans St. Ambrose recently mentioned to Kristy, our Parish Administrator, that she could use some more work cleaning houses.  Within days, a neighbor of Kristy’s who was recovering from knee surgery had found out about Eliana and hired her to clean her home!

Members of St. Ambrose have recently graduated from high school, college, and Ph.D programs, joined the Navy, been accepted into Ph.D programs, cooked at the homeless shelter, tutored children and adults, helped immigrants adjust to life in the U.S., gotten married, been baptized, and met relatives whom they had never known before.  Our members are reaching out and helping those who have had major surgeries, as well as praying for people and sending encouragement to those who live far away, who happen to be going through their own personal challenges.

This is the Body of Christ in action.

What does it mean to “fear” the Lord?  (verse 1, above)  It means to have a healthy respect - even awe - for the amazing power of God, who still brings about healing and freedom and reconciliation and all kinds of good.  

Trust in the Lord.  Fear the Lord.  And... no matter how big the challenge, no matter how big the loss, in the end... “it shall go well with you.”

Yes, it shall.

What good news do you have to share?