The Vestry of an Episcopal Parish has three primary responsibilities: parish finances, the care of parish buildings and grounds, and the selection of the rector.  The Vestry also assists the clergy in the leadership of programs, spiritual health, goal setting and implementation. Vestry members are elected by the congregation.  One third of the body is elected each year.  They are an important avenue of communication between individual parishioners and the church, and serve as the board of directors.


  Vestry Members 2017          Term Expires

Carla Bigum, Senior Warden

Marcia Rehn                                  January 2018

Polly Rogers                                   January 2018

Errol Forkner                                  January 2018

John Watson                                 January 2019

John Sanger                               January 2020

Anne Seery                                 January 2020

Jeff Garrett                                   January 2020

Randy Hickernell                    Jr.  Warden            
Dawn Law                                 Treasurer
Mary Cartwright                         Clerk
Teesa Christian, Walter Latimer and Cheryl Eck                          Facilitators

2016 Delegates to Diocesan Convention
1.  Mary Cartwright
2.  Carla Bigum
3.  John Watson

First Alternate:
1.  Bill Bigum