Server Schedule - "God's Blessing on those who serve"

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Sunday, June 16, 2019
Servers 9:30am

Acolytes - Terry Koelling
Altar Guild - Jane Latimer
Greeter - Brian Regan and Antonia Galdos
Chalice Ministers - Terry Koelling and Matt Gauch
Ushers - Kurt and Barbara Fritz
Lectors - Jill Geissler and Charlie Jacobson
Musicians- Kristy Weprin and Kathleen Dawson
Vergers - Walter Latimer or John Taylor
Nursery - Megan Finnigan
Coffee Host - Lorraine Sugg
Porch Visitor - Janice Thorpe
Summer Fun - Jill Jenkins and Gillian Erdmann

Sunday, June 23, 2019
Servers 9:30am

Acolytes - Daisy and Penny Chamberlain
Altar Guild - Jeri Carruthers
Greeter - John and Barb Senger
Chalice Ministers - Barb Van Steen and Ellen Horn-Lamb
Ushers - Jane and Walt Latimer
Lectors - Elsa King and Bob Carruthers
Musicians- Kathy Reed
Vergers - Walter Latimer or John Taylor
Nursery - Abby Eckerle and Daisy Chamberlain
Coffee Host - Becky Fredregill
Porch Visitor - Kristy Weprin
Summer Fun - Bob Simmons and Andy White