Moving Forward - An invitation to participate in our parish forums - September 9, 16, 23, 30 - 9:15am

Crossroads. What picture comes to mind? Do you see two roads, three, or more? As a community that is faithful to Christ, we are on a continuing faith journey, and, we have arrived at a particular juncture, a crossroads. With the February 2019 departure of our rector who is leaving to pursue his dream of walking across the country while raising money to help children’s ministries, St. Ambrose has entered into a time of transition. Thus, the Vestry is excited to explore our core identity and examine our ongoing faith journey. In September the Vestry will host four stewardship forums where we will discuss congregational traits we believe are at the center of who we are: Welcoming, Restoring, Connecting, and Serving.

 Please plan ahead and arrange to attend the forums. Discussions will be interactive and provide opportunity for us to grow in relationship with one another. Babysitting as well as children activities will be provided, not to mention coffee and morning treats!

 We look forward to your participation in September. What is your dream for our community life together? What are your “what if” questions as we explore our core identity and the calling that we have from God? How do we welcome, restore, connect and serve?



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